2 Day Hands On Workshop


$999.00 (Can be paid in Installments)
9am-5pm each day
Continental Breakfast & Lunch is included each day

Next Class Date: (Unspecified at this time)




  • Stages of Hair Growth
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Types of Alopecia and how to detect them
  • USB Digital microscope/Microscopic Scalp Analysis
  • How to Complete Hair Replacement Consultations
  • Salon Set Up For Private Services
  • NBHI’s Cilium Cranial Prosthesis Hair  Replacement System
  • How to do head Measurements and Moldings of the head
  • Different Attachment & Removal Methods
  • Determine density, length, texture & Color of Hair Replacement System
  • How to Get Hair Replacement Clients
  • How to charge for Hair Loss Clients
  • Understanding the Order Process for Hair Replacement Systems
  • Overview of how to become a Network provider with Insurance Companies


  • Hands on Full  Hair Replacement Application
  • Hands on Partial Hair Replacement Application
  • Removal & Cleaning of  Full Hair Replacement system
  • Removal & cleaning of Partial Hair Replacement System
  • How to order CCP Hair Replacement Systems


Review Day 1 

  • Hands on Full Hair Replacement Application
  • Hands on Partial Hair Replacement Application

Step by Step Connecting  with all Health insurance Companies:

  • How to get your NPI #
  • How to become a Network Provider with each Health Insurance Company
  • How to prepare and Submit Correct Claims Forms to Health insurance Companies
  • How to fill out Claims properly for Insurance Providers to pay your Claim
  • Proper Codes accepted by Health Insurance Providers
  • How to find out if the Client can make sure she/he is covered to file a Claim with their Insurance Provider
  • Certificate of Completion

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