CCP Hair Systems



What is a Cillium Cranial Prosthesis Hair System?

There are two very different types of hair systems that NBHI offers;

Stock Full cover hair systems and Partial Systems.

Stock Hair SystemStock CCP Hair Systems — These are mass produced according to the average size of the head, the most common colors of natural hair and the average hair length of most women. (about 10 inches long to 18 inches long). Normally, if a person chooses to go with an in stock system, if it’s too large the professional can customize it to fit at no extra charge. Because they are in stock systems, they can be less expensive than the customized systems. However, many people prefer a customized system over a stock system because it is customized to fit your head shape exactly.

Custom systems for full cover and partial sections of the head.

Custom Hair SystemCustom CCP Hair Systems — The obvious benefit to a custom system is the level of measurements that are taken for your specific size and pattern of hair loss. Getting an exact color match and blending into your own natural growing hair is also an important detail to achieving an undetectable look. On top of the added levels of detail, a custom CCP Hair System is made from a softer materials for an undetectable scalp. Plus more attention is usually paid to the front hairline so you have an extremely natural look. This is thought to be the most important part of a hair system).

How does NBHI attach the CCP Hair Replacement System?

NBHI Certified Specialists use Medical Grade Polymer Bonding Adhesive and/or Tape. This is  used by well over 90% of hair system wearers because they both offer a very secure attachment. Most people also believe that using adhesive or tape helps to achieve a more natural appearance.

hair system attachment can remain attached to the head up to 8 weeks using our stronger adhesives or tapes with more tack.


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